Who Will Care For Your Children If You Die?

Who do you name as the guardian of your children in a will? Many parents put off writing a will because they do not know who to name as the guardian of their children in the event they both die? This is an extremely difficult and emotional decision. You should focus on who would be best able to take care of your children immediately. The guardian for your children can change as your children grow older.

The most important thing regarding choosing a guardian for your children in the event of your death is to maintain the best interests of your children. You need to make a choice that will serve their current needs. You need to make a choice that will not necessarily please everyone in your family. You must hold your children’s interests first and foremost in this decision.

If a family member wants to challenge who you name as a guardian it will be difficult if you leave a written explanation in your will as to why you are choosing a specific person as the guardian of your children. This will be very helpful in the event someone challenges the guardianship.

If the individual or individuals you choose as guardians for your children are loving, sincere, dedicated people but not the best individuals to handle your money or assets, don’t be concerned. You can name someone else to manage the money and other assets you leave to your children. The guardian’s only job will be to take care of your children. The individuals named to manage your assets will handle all financial issues and provide support to the guardians to pay your children’s expenses.

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