Elder Law Explained

An elderly person being cared for

Elder Law deals with the concerns families and seniors have with regard to long term care issues. The population base on Long Island is growing older.  Issues concerning disability, asset protection, estate planning, medicare and qualifying for medicaid are issues that seniors face in their future.


Sometimes when seniors age they develop problems in managing their medical
and financial needs. In these situations it may be necessary for family members or other loved ones to bring a guardianship proceeding to help the senior.

Advanced Directives

Elder law planning deals with establishing a long term plan for the distribution of assets and the potential that you’ll be unable to make medical decisions for yourself.

There are a variety of advanced directives that are utilized by elder care attorneys to help their clients develop long term plans.  These documents are called advanced directives. Advanced directives include power of attorneys, healthcare proxies, and living wills.  These advanced directives are in addition to basic estate planning devices such as wills and trusts.

Special Needs Planning

NY Attorney Elliot Schlissel

Seniors who have children or other loved ones who are not in the position to take care of themselves or handle their own finances should be protected from losing state sponsored benefits. Special needs trusts are designed to help these individuals maintain benefits such as social security disability, and medicaid while having an additional stream of income to provide them with necessities and other personal money to enable them to live a comfortable life.