New York Wills and Trusts Lawyer

Estate Terminology

The following are a list of terms related to wills, trusts and estate matters:

  • Administrator – the individual who administrates in the intestate estate. This is the estate of someone who dies without a will.
  • Beneficiary – someone who receives assets under a will.
  • Bequest – the technical name for a gift received in a will.
  • Codicil – this is an amendment to a will.
  • Decedent – this is the person who died.
  • Devise – this is a gift someone receives under a will.
  • Executor / Executrix – this is the name given to the individual who handles the disposition of an estate. The executor is named by the testator (the person who creates a will).
  • Intestate – this is a person who dies without a will.
  • Probate – this is the legal process wherein the estate of an individual who dies with a will is settled.
  • Testator – this is the name of the individual who has a will prepared for him or her.
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