Money From Estates Of Murdered Children To Go To Their Father

estate litigation lawyerLeatrice Brewer drowned her three children, Jewell Ward, Michael Demesyeux, and Innocent Demesyeux, Jr. In 2009, Ms. Brewer plead not guilty by reason by mental illness for the murdering of these three children. There had been an investigation by Child Protective Services regarding Ms. Brewer however, the investigation was incomplete and did not disclose the level of abuse which existed.

Wrongful Death Monetary Settlement

There have been wrongful death monetary settlements with regard to the deaths of these three children in Nassau County, New York. There has been approximately $350,000 recovered regarding this situation by the victims’ estate.

On November 9, 2015, an agreement was worked out where Demesyeux Sr., the father of two of the deceased children, would receive $100,000 from the estate’s assets. This settlement was approved by Nassau County Surrogate Court Judge Edward McCarty, III.
It was originally thought that Mr. Demesyeux Sr. had abandoned his children. However, this was not the case. Mr. Demesyeux Sr. took responsibility for burying his children and then standing up and defending his role as the father of his children in court.

Even though Leatrice Brewer was never convicted of murdering her children, Surrogate McCarty ruled in 2013 that she was not entitled to estate money because it would be “repugnant to decency.” In New York State convicted criminals can’t profit from their wrongdoing. This case is unique because Ms. Brewer was never actually convicted of killing her children.

Ms. Brewer is confined to a mental facility in upstate New York. She claims she was sick and killed her children while she was sick. She claims she is healing now by praying to God and asking for his forgiveness.estates attorney on Long Island

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