Philip Seymour Hoffman Disinherits His Children

estate planning attorneyIn February 2014, Philip Seymour Hoffman died. He had written a will in 2004. His will left all of his worldly assets to his “friend and companion” Mimi O’Donnell. Mimi was the mother to his three children. Mr. Hoffman’s lawyer and his accountant had made recommendations to create trusts for his children. Mr. Hoffman rejected their suggestions. He told them he did not want his children to become “trust fund kids.” To avoid spoiling his children, he intentionally left all of his assets to his girlfriend, Mimi. Prior to his death Mr. Hoffman met with his attorney to discuss his estate plan. During that interview, he again articulated his objections to setting up trusts funds for his children.

Hoffman Never Married

Hoffman never married Mimi. He had a long standing relationship with her and he trusted her. In a report submitted to the court by an attorney appointed to represent Mr. Hoffman’s children’s interests, the attorney stated Mr. Hoffman “simply did not believe in marriage but that did not affect his affinity or relationship for Ms. O’Donnell.” Hoffman’s lawyer stated Hoffman told him he wanted his son to be raised in the city with art and culture. On page 13 of Mr. Hoffman’s will it stated “it is my strong desire, and not my direction to my guardian, that my son Cooper Hoffman be raised and reside in or near the borough of Manhattan in the State of New York, or Chicago, Illinois, or San Francisco, California.”

Hoffman stated in his will “the purpose of this request is so that my son will be exposed to culture, arts, and architecture that such cities offer.”

Academy Award Winner

Philip Seymour Hoffman had obtained an academy award for his role in portraying Truman Capote in the movie Capote. He had also received three other academy award nominations. He was well respected as an actor’s actor by his peers. At the time of his death he was found on the floor of his apartment with a needle containing heroin in his arm. Investigation of his death uncovered fifty additional envelopes containing heroin in his apartment.

His death was a tragedy for all of the actors, directors, and other individuals in the movie industry who worked for him, with him and for his planning and trust attorney on Long Island