Powers Of Attorneys, Appropriate Uses and Inappropriate Uses of Powers of Attorney

The Powers of Attorney Lawyers in Long Island and New York City

Generally speaking, individuals execute powers of attorney as part of estate plans. The purposes of the power of attorney is to allow someone else to make decisions for them should they become incapacitated or unable to handle some financial or business transactions on their own. Individuals given powers of attorneys can utilize them to pay bills, make investments and deal with other financial issues. Powers of Attorney should always be drafted by a lawyer. The lawyer will make sure the Power of Attorney is properly drafted in conformity with New York State Law and properly executed.

Challenging Powers of Attorney

Powers of Attorney can be challenged if they have been improperly obtained or have been used improperly. Family members and friends of the individual who executed the Power of Attorney can become involved in disputes with regard to utilization of the Power of Attorney.

Financial Issues

The majority of disputes involving powers of attorneys relate to financial decisions made during the lifetime of the individual who executed the Power of Attorney. If you believe the Power of Attorney was improperly obtained or improperly utilized, you should hire an attorney. Our lawyers, in Powers of Attorney disputes, analyze the Power of Attorney. We make sure it’s been properly drafted and executed. If necessary we look into whether the individual executing the Power of Attorney was of sound mind and capable of understanding what he or she was doing at the time it was executed.

Setting Aside a Power Of Attorney

Powers of Attorneys can be removed for a variety of reasons. Fraud, improperly opening bank accounts and the mishandling of assets are common reasons for setting aside Powers of Attorney.

Should you believe there has been misuse of a Power of Attorney, our attorneys will take aggressive legal action to protect your rights and see to it that the financial misappropriations are undone.

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