Right of Election

What to do if your spouse disinherits you? Is there legal action you can take? Are you up the creek without a paddle? The answer to all the aforementioned questions deals with the spouse’s right of election.

Under New York state law, whether a spouse dies with or without a will, a spouse is entitled to ”an elective share” of his or her spouse’s estate. This elective share is one-third of the spouse’s assets.

The assets included in the elective share are all items that pass through a will. It also includes, pursuant to New York Estates Power and Trust Law Section 5-1.1d, ”testamentary substitutes…which include gifts causa mortis or within one year of death, Totten trusts or pay on death registration accounts, joint accounts, revocable transfers, or transfers with a retained income interest, many retirement accounts and property owned by a decedent and payable on his death to someone other than the surviving spouse for his estate.”

The right of election gives the surviving spouse the choice between accepting what he or she received in a will or under intestacy, or the greater of $50,000 or one-third of the estate.

If you are a spouse and you find yourself in a situation where you feel you are not being treated fairly in a will, it is important to obtain advice from an estate attorney who can calculate your elective share and determine whether you should move forward and file the right of election with the Surrogates Court.

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