Why You Need a Will

A will is an important legal document that allows you to distribute your assets to those persons you want to receive them. In a will you can designate specific beneficiaries to receive your property at the time of your death. Examples of items you can distribute in a will are houses, cars, bank accounts, antiques and all other personal property.

Appointment of a Guardian for your Children

A will gives you the opportunity to appoint someone to raise your children if you and the other parent are deceased. The children’s guardians’ legal responsibilities are to see to it that your children’s best interest are taken care of.

Dying Without a Will

If you die without a will it is said that you died intestate. In intestate situations, a judge who doesn’t know you or your family determines who receives your assets persuant to New York intestate Inheritance Laws. This eliminates your ability to decide who you want to receive your assets. A will is a simple, inexpensive document to have prepared by a lawyer. If you have assets, a spouse, children or other loved ones, family or friends you should have a will. It is basic document that can be prepared by an experienced elder care or estate planning attorneys.

In many cases, children make arrangements for their parents to execute a will. At the Law Offices of Schlissel DeCorpo, our New York City Will Drafting Attorneys provide estate planning services, including review or preparation of a last will and testament.

We maintain offices in Queens and Nassau Counties and offer unparalleled service and commitment to guiding you through the will preparation process. We also will visit clients by appointment at home or in a nursing home or hospital.

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Reasons Why You Should Have a Will Drafted or Reviewed and Updated

There are many reasons to make sure you have a will and that your will is up to date, both in terms of reflecting your wishes for the disposition of property and the care of your minor children. Some of the more common reasons for having a will prepared include the following:

  • Avoid disputes
  • Simplify the handling of your estate
  • Clarify issues concerning assets and beneficiaries
  • Ensure distribution of assets in accordance with your wishes
  • Preserve more of your estate for your heirs
  • Testamentary legal formalities such as publication and execution

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